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A place where healthy food and fresh products are centralized. Simple, yet personal. That is what we here at Preps strive to offer to all our guests.


About our Cafe

Inspired by nutritional trends such as ‘Healthy’ and ‘Vegan’ foods; a place where healthy food and fresh products are centralized. Simple, yet personal. That is what we here at Preps strive to offer all our guests. ​​​​​​​Our food will help you go all day long. If you fancy a tasty, yet responsible breakfast or lunch, well then then you have most definitely come to the right place! We also offer a vast assortment of cakes, pies and cupcakes.

Working with products that contain little to no refined sugars and E-numbers we are making sure that what you eat is as natural as possible. Only our pastries will from time to time contain minimal amounts of food coloring and/or powdered sugar.

We love products and food with a story, food that is grown with love and prepared with care. It is therefore we have chosen locally responsible suppliers: Bread & Delicious (our in-house baker) and Fascino Coffee from Weert.

We at Preps want to make it as easy as possible while still keeping it healthy. ‘Preps’ comes from the word ‘Preparation’ referring to a good start, and well begun is half done, right?! Whether you want to eat-in or take-away there will always be something for you. 


If you are looking for breakfast, lunch, healthy and/or vegan treats to be catered? We would be delighted to take care of it for you! Whether for a meeting, birthday, baby shower, etc. we are more than happy to brainstorm with you. As our dishes are prepared fresh, we offer a great variety of options to ensure we can tailor to you wishes. Let us know, we are excited to know how we can serve you!​​​​​​​

About our Catering


About our Bread

The Preps-bread is only available here, and is both made and baked following traditional recipes by our (in-house) pastry chef at ‘Bread & Delicious’. The breads are firm yet fluffy, and made entirely with biological ingredients; a true explosion of taste with every bite.

For those who enjoy firmer bread with a bit more bite to it we also offer nut bread containing a concoction of nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

We happily welcome you to Preps, and hope you are as enthusiastic as us to come by!


About Us

We are two young entrepreneurs with a passion for healthy eating within the catering industry. Preparing tasty dishes in a healthier way goes all the way back to our younger years.

At Preps we serve breakfast and lunch prepared only using responsible ingredients, with a personal touch to offer balance and relaxation.Our motto is to enjoy life in a healthy manner, embrace challenges, and be open to fresh new ideas.

Our dishes are prepared using the freshest ingredients available, continuously striving to use as many unprocessed ingredients as possible. We also do enjoy a delicious piece of cake so it goes without saying that we offer a range of pastries at a more conscious way.

We hope all our guests may be inspired by our dishes and our hospitality, in a responsible and conscious way.


About our Coffee

Breakfast or lunch without coffee?! Coffee is one of the most important products here at Preps. It is therefore crucial that it not only tastes good, but comes from a place of goodness. As such we have chosen to cooperate with Fascino coffee from Weert.

Fascino coffee knows the story of where the coffee beans come from, as well as the coffee famer. Moreover, Fascino helps with different projects in and around the area where the beans originate, including build schools. Fascino make sure the coffee farmer is paid a fair price for the final product.

Knowing this we are sure that cup of coffee is going to taste even better!

Our Menu


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 15:00

Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 16:00



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